Caterpillar Crawl
Item# 19009
Caterpillar Crawl

A Riveting Race to Turn Over a New Leaf
The 3-D caterpillars crawl across the board in a race to gobble up leaves, teaching strategy, decision-making, and impulse control along the way. Players take turns rolling the dice-when their rolls match the color of the last section of their caterpillar they move it forward. But the other players move too, so kids have to decide when its best to move . . . and when it helps their opponents more than it helps them. There are plenty of chances for kids and parents to interact in this delightful game thats easy to learn and fast to play.
  • Plenty of opportunities for teaching moments in this simple strategy game
  • High-quality, 3-D wooden pieces
  • The premier offering in our My First Strategy Game line
  • 24 Colorful Wooden Caterpillar Sections
  • 4 Natural Wood Caterpillar Heads
  • 3 Color Dice
  • Illustrated Instructions
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